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start Time: Friday, 20 November 2009 at 22:00
End Time: Saturday, 21 November 2009 at 05:00
Location: V-Hall

Description"Precisely programmed digital ear candy." — Rolling Stone
"BEST NEW MUSIC" — Pitchfork
"Their music is partisanal cotton candy: one part Tom Tom Club, one part Yoko Ono." — The New Yorker
"Don't miss the boat on YACHT." — The FADER
"The energy they brought, the aerobic choreography, the propelling beats, and the catchy repetitive mantras were irresistible." — Vanity Fair

최 근 발매된 YACHT (DFA)의 실험적인 뉴웨이브 앨범 See Mystery Lights 은 그들만의 경쾌한 에너지를 가지고 있다. 기분 좋아지는 바운스 위에 YACHT 만의 독특한 어법으로 오물오물 가사를 씹어대는 "The Afterlife" 에서 흐물거리면서 강렬한 이미지의 롤러링크 보코더 보컬 사운드가 매력적인 “I'm in Love with a Ripper“ 이르기까지 그들이 만들어내는 유니크한 사운드의 영역은 끝이 없어 보인다.

무아지경의 실험적 사운드와 신나는 비트에 담겨진 그들의 음악은 번쩍거리는 레이저 효과, 버블거리는 미디 비트, 브로드한 synth 사운드, 소리가 한껏 찌그러진 기타 리프같은 많은 일렉트로닉 기법들을 사용하고 있다. 하지만 금방이라도 현기증이 날 것 같은 일렉트로닉 사운드 속에서도 그들의 담백한 멜로디는 변덕스럽게도 반짝거린다.

보컬의 노래는 살랑살랑하게 들떠있고 낙천적이면서 심지어 달달하기까지 하다. 그러다 때론 무심해 보이는 모노톤의 보컬이 슬그머니 수면위로 떠올라 만트라처럼 똑같은 가사를 반복하면서 기괴한 에너지를 뿜어대기도 한다. 몽실몽실한 구름속과 해저 이만리를 넘나드는 돈데크만 주전자 같은 그들의 음악을 들어보지 않을 수 없다.

White Rainbow (Kranky)는 Oregon주 북서부의 항구 도시 Portland 출신으로 솔로로서 활동하는 Adam Forkner은 실험적인 사이키델릭 음악 스타일로 활동을 한다. 그의 최근 발매된 New Clouds 음반은 그만의 특이한 음색을 선보인다. 그의 음악은 극적인 긴장감을 가지고 있다. 부족의 드럼 비트를 현대식으로 표현하는 기술을 가지고 있다. Forkner는 그의의 놀라울만큼 감미러운 음악이 알려지면서 Dirty Projectors, Atlas Sound 그리고 YACHT를 포함한 인디 밴드와 연주자와 제작자로써 협연을 하게되었다.

Triangle lovers, electro talent heavies, and self-professed "band, belief system, and business”— aquatic musical egos YACHT (DFA Records) showcase their eclectic and cutting-edge blend of avant-pop, playful electronics and acoustic percussion as they tour in their Korean debut. Conducted by band members Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans (Portland, Oregon), YACHT's extensive resume boasts a European tour with indie elites Yeah Yeah Yeahs, collaborations with New York City’s New Museum of Contemporary Art and the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art. The ambitious See Mystery Lights, is being touted as one of "Best New Albums" by online musical authority/bible Pitchfork.

The songs on See Mystery Lights-- from the bouncy, burbling you-can't-take-it-with-you screed "The Afterlife" (which plays like a less spastic companion piece to the Mae Shi's "Run to Your Grave") to the roller rink-ready vocoder vocals of "I'm In Love With a Ripper"-- represent YACHT at their most poppy. It's a collection of stone jams that finds the band finally as hellbent on experimenting and expanding the boundaries of its sonic scope as it is on having fun. Built on electronic foundations-- laser effects, skittering computerized beats, and spacey synth lines (or guitar riffs that have been tuned or distorted to sound like synths)-- these new songs are giddy with creative freedom while remaining tethered in service of their melodies. The vocal melodies are bright and buoyant, but delivered (by either band member, or in unison) in a chanted, oftentimes detached monotone that plays up the repetitive lyrics' mantra-like feel and adds a welcome undercurrent of slacker cool to their otherwise sugary optimism.

White Rainbow (Kranky) is the solo moniker of Portland-based experimental/psychedelic musician Adam Forkner. Forkner's artistic outputs, including the freshly released album New Clouds platform his enormous musical spectrum which encompasses textures of "blissful space somewhere between dream pop, drum circles, psychedelic rock, and avant-garde electronics." The music is stunning in capturing audio polarities; a tribal sound balanced with modern aesthetic, altogether intricate yet spacious. Forkner’s startlingly emotive sound has garnered him musical collaborations as instrumentalist and producer to an impressive selection of indie’s finest including Dirty Projectors, Atlas Sound and YACHT.

With Supporting act : Sssssighhhborgggggg http://www.myspace.com/sighborg

10-11pm ssssighhhhborgggg
11-12am White Rainbow (live set)
12am-130am YACHT (live set)
130-5am YACHT + White Rainbow DJ teamup Danceathon

Students 20,000 (with valid student ID)
Advance 26,000 Door 30,000

***Advance Tickets:
Wire money to:
Mi Kyung Christina Cho
Shinhan Bank
110 274 113339
after wiring, Send an email to scstickets@gmail.com with
1. your name / / 2. number of tickets // 3. amount sent

*No Minors

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